Yeah, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m ready to quit.

Yesterday I spent some time with my nieces. About four hours. We talked about a lot of stuff that has happened and basically caught up on where we were in life. Carrie, my older niece is married to Raj, a  computer wiz and she’s still teaching Spanish in school. Michelle is living in her father’s house, he’s moved to South Carolina or North Carolina, and she stays there with her sons David and Will, more on them later. David has a fraternal twin, he’s hospitalized. The boys reinforced my desire never to have children. Yep, a lot of you parents can’t grasp that because after you laid eyes on your offspring you were in unconditional love. David is at that gawky age, he just got his learner’s permit and is dealing with teen-aged angst about women his age. Will is perpetual motion.  The thing was I expected the visit to last maybe an hour tops but it ran a tad long. What it did was cut into turkey prep time. That was today. The breast had thawed since Saturday and I got the veg and herbage for stuffing. Today I prepped everything using the food processor, completely ignoring all of those knife skills I learned in school. The real fun came in removing the bone from the breast. Back inn the day when it was part of  my job in a kitchen I could do a chicken breast in like. two minutes. I watched a chef I worked under do a turkey in about five minutes. It took me a half hour to debone the freaking breast. Of course I didn’t have a proper filet knife or a whole bunch of room on a stainless steel prep table. What I did have was a dangerous cutting board that I bought during my Chinese/Japanese cooking phase. Extensive sterilization with boiling water caused it to bow. It helped today because the bow in the board allowed me to spin the board around and work on opposite sides of the breast. I multitasked making stuffing while I was cleaning the meat off. The upside was while I did it I heard and felt satisfying touch of knife on bone. The carcass got browned and hot tubbed with herbs and veg in turkey stock. After a couple hours it was strained through multiple layers of cheese cloth. Right now as I’m posting, I’m thinking about how much cleaning the Big Motherhumping Meat Flattener that a buddy of mine turned in his woodshop. It looks like a cricket bat on steroids. I have to be careful because I really wiped out a piece of meat when I over-zealously whacked it. It’ll be a gentle tap. I’ll stuff it and truss it later tonight when my back feels better. Tomorrow in the oven on a platform of veggies with a remote thermometer and a timer as a back-up. Gravy will be easy.  One hint, allow the turkey air dry in the refrigerator with nothing nearby. You’ll get nice crispy skin without having to slather the bird with excessive oil or butter. Just saying.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. My contrary nature really wants to aim you to Yahoo where a anti-Thanksgiving is given by the great British actor Gary Oldman.

For more go to on Sunday.

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