I stole this from dead relatives who kept it secret from me, Why? Dunno.

I’m sorry I’m late. Stayed up late last night watching the first disk in the Emma Peel Avengers mega set. The landlord showed for the semi/tri monthly spray which consisted of hunting down my cat and getting her into her carrier. The car didn’t start. Got a jump. Went to  the dealer, bought a new one and went shopping. The market was filled with seniors and I went nuts. I knew I had to post this and load a new toy my Kindle. So llet’s  get to it. You’ll need:


A paper bag

A Dutch oven  or a pan that is oven-proof


1 Chicken cut into 8 parts or use 8 legs or thighs or 4 whole breasts cut in half

2 C AP flour

11/2 t salt

2 t black or white pepper

3 T paprika (Hungarian or sweet)

1 1/2 t garlic powder

1 small onion, halved and sliced north to south

4 C chicken stock or broth

4 T oil


1) Combine flour, salt, pepper, paprika  and garlic powder in bag. Reserve 1 /4 C.

2) Put chicken in the bag and shake. Remove, let sit 10 min. while you heat oil in Dutch oven.

3) Add chicken back to bag and coat again.

4) Brown 4 pieces at a time on all sides.

5) Remove chicken and sauté onion until translucent.

6)  Add reserved flour mixture until you have a medium roux.

7) Whisk in stock, bring to boil,  reduce to simmer.

8) Add chicken, finish on stove top or 300 degree oven.

9) Serve over noodle or with dumplings.

Okay, this recipe is open to modification, You can  add mushrooms, green or red peppers. You can use pork or veal without too much hassle.  Beef you’ll have to change the stock. I intentionally left out wine which shows up in a lot of recipes because my aunt didn’t use any and I don’t have any. So that’s up to you.

Enjoy. See you next week.

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