The story that will (hopefully) never end.

I’m a writer. Not published for money, yet, but I do every day. I’ve got a story that requires 24/7 attention. I’ll begin posting on Wednesdays. I want you, the readers to use the comments section to offer suggestions bout how you’d like the story to go. No porn or explicit gore. I want real characters moving through life with maybe a surreal step or two off the path. I’m not real sure how to get the “about” part written so I could tell you about myself and maybe include a selfie, nothing personal, you don’t want to see. 

About tomwisk

Would you trust this man with your mind? Give it a shot. I'm working my way to being a good human being. Also, I take a lousy picture. I did mine myself, it shows. This blog is changing. So am I. Join me for the trip. It might not be pleasant at times but I've got to do it. It will explain most things. Those it doesn't I don't know.
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